Generators – The Benefits of Hiring Rather Than Buying

High Quality Portable Generators for Hire

Back-up power is crucial to ensure uninterrupted power for businesses that require it. However, every business is faced with a choice; to buy or hire a generator? At Diesel Generation Australia, we’ve listed some excellent reasons why a generator for hire could be the perfect choice for you. 

illustration of different type of industrial power generators

Experienced Electrical Engineers 

At DGA, our trained and experienced engineers and technicians are at your service to set-up, install and provide maintenance services as part of your rental plan. Our team is on hand 24/7 to assist you. 

Reputation is Everything

Our generators are immaculately maintained and serviced to ensure that the system you rent is as good as new. We understand the critical importance of uninterrupted electric power to businesses and pride ourselves in providing the highest level of equipment and customer service. 

Let the Experts Choose for You

Installing the wrong generator for your purposes can lead to issues with power when you need it most. With too little power, you can’t use your equipment efficiently, and too much power can cause an overload and damage valuable assets. A generator rental company like ours conducts a thorough analysis of your power requirement and makes recommendations accordingly. 

Cost-Effective Power Backup 

There’s no need to worry about how to finance a diesel generator when you can hire one for short term use. By hiring a generator, you can save money and not have to consider other factors such as maintenance, storage, transport, etc. 

Try Before You Buy 

If you’ve decided your business needs to own a generator, but still feel unsure if you’ve made the right choice, hire a generator for a short period of time to get a feel for whether or not it fits your business. 


Choosing to rent a generator gives you a wide range of diesel generator options to look at for different jobs. Whether you need to power a large location or move to an off grid site where portability is critical, we’ve got a backup solution for every requirement. 

Versatile Diesel Generators for Hire in Tasmania

Every business needs to be able to adapt and change their approach based on external factors. For commercial enterprises that need to power their operations in unique ways, or those looking to grow quickly, reliable power is always a crucial component. Contact our team today with your requirements and let us find the perfect solution. 

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