Why You Should Back Up Your Power with a Diesel Generator

Commercial and Residential Diesel Generators for Sale

With power outages surging worldwide as inefficient power grids struggle to keep up with growing demand, the need for a power backup that provides your property with energy independence is more pressing than ever. At Diesel Generation Australia, we believe in empowering Australians with portable diesel generators that fit almost any requirement, whether residential or commercial.

Diesel electric generators use for emergency electric power in the festival

Advantages of Portable Diesel Generators 

Diesel generators offer some unique advantages and are incredibly versatile, making them ideal for residential and commercial properties. Here are some reasons why we believe a diesel generator is the perfect choice for you:


Diesel generators operate using a compression ignition (CI) system which does not require a spark to operate. A quality CI system simply compresses air to a very high temperate which causes ignition to occur. This makes diesel generators less flammable, volatile and therefore extremely reliable for your home or commercial space.

Fuel Efficiency 

The fuel cost of a diesel generator can be up to 40% less than a gas generator, with the added advantage of using diesel which is cheaper and easily available in an emergency situation. This is especially useful for businesses where utility costs can greatly increase monthly expenses.


Diesel generators are famous for their simple, sturdy build. This makes them ideal as a low maintenance energy backup solution. Portable diesel generators have no wires, spark plugs, radiators, water pumps or coolants which could break down. Install a generator in your home and enjoy uninterrupted power, hassle free.

Useful for Long Power Outages 

Diesel generators are specially designed to provide power for long periods of time. This is especially useful for healthcare and essential services which require uninterrupted power supply for critical processes. Diesel generators are popular across a wide range of industries like agriculture, telecoms, construction and even military. Whether you have a sprawling home or a large industrial space, there is no power requirement that cannot be solved with a diesel generator.

Diesel Generators for Sale in Tasmania 

At Diesel Generation Australia, we give our clients uninterrupted peace of mind by providing them with a power back up that is unique and incredibly reliable. Call us on 1300 755 292 to learn more about diesel power generation or browse our website for our entire product range.

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