Generators – The Benefits of Going Solar

Eco-Friendly Solar Generators for Commercial and Residential Use

As the world turns its attention to a worsening climate crisis, Australians in particular have become much more conscious about their impact on the precious environment around them. In an effort to address this problem, Diesel Generation Australia offers customers a wide range of quality portable solar generators for eco-friendly power, no matter where it is needed. Here are some of the reasons we passionately support solar generation in Australia.

Low Maintenance Portable Generators

The last thing you need is your generator breaking down when you need it most. Quality solar generators are automated and have very few moving parts, making them less likely to break down, easy to maintain, and long lasting. All you need to do is clean the solar panels from time to time, and you will have restored maximum efficiency.

Built to Last Decades

The average life span of a solar generator is between 25-30 years. Solar panels are made with heavy duty tempered glass and built using minimal components of a high quality.

Eco-Friendly Power Generators

Unlike petrol and diesel generators, solar generators create clean, renewable energy with zero waste. Since they require no fuel, there are no fumes, and therefore no carbon footprint to worry about. Generators which use fossil fuels necessarily create by-products which harm the environment.

Solar Generators are Quiet

For those working at home, in healthcare, or living in densely packed residential areas, a zero-noise solar generator is the perfect option. Your solar generator can power your home or be by your side during a camping trip, without creating any noise at all!

Light, Portable Solar Generators

Lightweight and easy to use, this is one of the best all-purpose portable generators for everyday use. Power lights, cameras, phones and even speakers with your solar generator, wherever you are.

Emergency Power for Critical Needs

Healthcare professionals know all too well the dire consequences of a power outage. Solar generators store energy for long periods of time and can be used when fossil fuels are not available for traditional generators. Life-saving medical equipment can be operated using solar generators and can make the difference in an emergency.

Compact, Durable Solar Generators in Tasmania

Enjoy the eco-friendly, silent power of DGA’s compact solar generators for residential and commercial use. Contact us today to find out why a solar generator is the all-in-one power solution you need, no matter how big or small your requirement.

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