How a Portable Generator Can Save You In a Power Cut

Protect Your Business Assets with Portable Generators

With the effects of climate change becoming more apparent every year, the threat of massive power outages has increased, with aging and overloaded utility infrastructures breaking down worldwide. This year, its time to think about protecting your home and business from sudden power outages which could leave you vulnerable.

Retail and Food Service Industries

When the power goes out, restaurants, supermarkets and coffee shops come to a grinding halt. Not only do they lose customers, but their perishable inventory can spoil overnight. F&B businesses rely heavily on refrigerators which require a tremendous amount of power. A commercial stand by petrol generator can make the difference between surviving a long power outage or shutting shop due to lost inventory.

For retail outlets which rely heavily on attractive facades and carefully lit shelves, a power cut can spell disaster as customers naturally favour stores with backup power and the ability to functional fully during a blackout.

Helping Construction Projects Stay on Schedule

Construction projects are faced with a multitude of challenges, even in the hands of experienced project managers. With multiple pieces of equipment and several teams working in conjunction with one another, even a minor power cut can create chaos and slow down a large project considerably. With critical quality checks and completion deadlines always looming, a commercial generator can prevent costly delays.

Keep Your Family Comfortable in an Emergency

Diesel generators are built to last, simple to use, and modern versions feature intuitive user interfaces which make them easy to use by everyone in the family. An inexpensive generator can power a full house during an emergency for long periods of time using relatively inexpensive diesel fuel. Generators can also power fridges and freezers, which can make the difference during an emergency when large volumes of food need to be stocked for long periods of time.

Peace of Mind with Portable Generators in Australia

At DGA, we believe that every business and home deserves to be protected from devastating power outages which can bring life to a standstill. Diesel generators are inexpensive, easy to maintain and incredibly versatile. Contact us today to find out why a diesel generator should always be by your side during emergencies.

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