Solar Generators – Kinder for the Environment and Your Pocket

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Portable Generators

As the solar generator market grows each year, it is clear that more Australians are opting for quieter, eco-friendly zero emission power backups. This suggests that in the near future these systems might become more popular than traditional fuel portable generators. In this blog, we look at the advantages of solar generators, and what makes them unique today.

Zero Noise

Contrary to every other kind of power generator, solar generators are incredibly quiet during operation. Since there are no moving parts and no traditional engine components, these generators are silent and perfect for quiet residential areas, hospitals and schools. Noiseless solar generators are ideal for camping trips out in the wild, for homes where infants and the elderly are being cared for, and they can even be installed inside the house if required.

Free Clean Energy Supply

A solar generator is unique because it does not require fossil fuels to run. This means that after the initial investment in the generator itself, it generates free power harnessed directly from the sun. Unlimited energy is drawn through solar panels, stored in batteries and is ready for use, anytime, anywhere without any need for diesel, petrol or gas.

Solar generators do not burn fossil fuels, so there is no danger of hazardous fumes which damage the environment, making them extremely safe even in crowded urban spaces.

Lower Running Cost

A solar generator also has a lower running cost compared to a fuel-powered generator. You are not at the mercy of sudden fuel price fluctuations and since there are no moving parts, there is almost no need for extensive maintenance or component repairs. A solar generator is a one-time investment since quality generators have a life span of over 25 years. Solar panels are easy to maintain and made using an extremely durable tempered glass which can withstand a significant force of impact.

Experience Energy Independence with Solar Generators

When it comes to portable generators which will be by your side no matter where you are, there is no better choice than DGA’s range of solar generators which operate in complete silence, using only the power of the sun. Enjoy real energy independence with fuel free generators that help protect the environment. Contact us today to find out more about the cutting edge of eco-friendly power.

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