Why Needing Your Generator Serviced Shouldn’t Slow You Down

Generator Maintenance and Breakdown Response

Diesel generators in Australia are purchased as the ideal power backup for small homes and large businesses. Whether you are an office, small business, supermarket, f&b business or retail outlet, there is no denying the critical importance of power for your day-to-day operations. With sudden, prolonged power outages becoming more common worldwide, it is more important than ever to ensure that you opt for regular generator servicing to keep your home and business protected.

Diesel Generator Servicing by Experienced Technicians

While it is possible to perform basic maintenance on a diesel generator thanks to its simple design, there is no substitute for a thorough check performed by an experienced engineer. Here’s how we care for your generator so you don’t have to!

We Clean Out the Whole System

Fuel that remains in the lines breaks down over time, turning into harmful sludge which can damage your system. Whether your generator is used often or not, draining the fuel periodically and cleaning fuel lines is extremely important.

Air and Fuel Filters Need Regular Care

Diesel generators are almost always stored outdoors and, in many cases, at dusty construction sites. Dust, chemicals, wood chips and all sorts of other materials can block the filters and cause the generator to break down. Fuel filters must be replaced at regular intervals to prevent accumulation of sludge and other materials such as metal particles.

At DGA, our maintenance team keeps track of your air and fuel filters and replaces them at the right time to keep your generator in perfect condition. Our generator parts are genuine and sourced from trusted vendors across the globe.

Checking for Leaks

There are many points in a diesel generator which could spring a leak over time. Fuel and lubricant leaks must be caught early with regular visual inspections to prevent fires and to keep your engine running efficiently.

Regular Generator Servicing and Maintenance in Tasmania

The key to seamless, uninterrupted backup power is to keep your equipment in optimal condition all year round. DGA’s team of engineers perform thorough and regular checks on your commercial or residential power backup, ensuring that you don’t have to think about whether you can rely on your generator. Our service helps in preparing your equipment to handle even the most serious power outage and to keep you operating at full capacity. Contact us today to find out how our generator breakdown unit can support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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