The Advantages of Using a Diesel Generator at Home

While diesel generators are an immensely popular choice for reliable power back up in emergency situations, they sometimes have a reputation for being noisy and requiring frequent maintenance. However, innovative modern diesel generators have overcome these problems and are a superior electricity back up option for commercial and residential requirements. Here are some reasons why you should consider a diesel generator for your home.

Low Maintenance 

Diesel generators are popular because they are made up of simple, easy to repair components which are built to withstand heavy usage. They have no spark plugs or carburettors like gas engines, which make them reliable and extremely easy to repair should the need arise. 

Built to Last 

Diesel generators are purpose built to function efficiently in difficult environmental conditions. They can withstand transport, extended usage and heavy wear and tear. Diesel generators are known to last for up to 3 times longer than their petrol engine counterparts. 

Cheaper, Safer Fuel 

Diesel is a flammable substance but is much more stable than petrol, which means it has a much lower likelihood of causing a fire. Diesel is a fuel which is cheap and easier to find even in remote locations. 

Greater Power Output 

Diesel generators have a long history of supporting commercial and residential power requirements for all kinds of applications. They can handle large power requirements and run for long periods of time, providing customers with uninterrupted, reliable power. 

Better Efficiency 

Diesel engines are famous for their fuel efficiency. This means that a diesel generator will run long on the same amount of fuel, consume up to half as much fuel as a petrol engine which provides significant fuel cost savings over time. 

Genuine Generator Parts & Quality Generator Service, TAS 

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