Expert Information on How a Diesel Generator Works

A portable diesel generator is a ubiquitous part of modern life. Their role is to remain in the background of your home or business, out of the way, until they are called upon at a moment’s notice. They function effectively and provide you with all the power you need. But how exactly does a small diesel generator work? What are the components that make up a small diesel generator? Diesel Generation Australia has a simple explanation to help you understand how a portable diesel generator functions.

How Does a Diesel Generator Work? 

Clean air, which is filtered by the air filter, combines with diesel fuel, which is injected at a high pressure through a nozzle. A piston pushes upward, pressurising the fuel until temperature rises and fuel ignition is initiated. Once the fuel ignites, it expands rapidly and pushes the piston down, causing the crankshaft to rotate, creating mechanical energy which is then converted to electrical energy. 

What are the Components of a Diesel Generator? 

diesel generator is an engine designed to convert mechanical energy into electricity using an internal combustion system. It involves a few critical components which work together to produce small to large amounts of electricity based on the requirement. 


The engine is the main component of a generator as it provides the mechanical energy required to produce electrical energy. The output power of a diesel generator is directly proportional to the engine size. 


The alternator of a portable diesel generator is made up of a rotor which creates a magnetic field which is responsible for producing an alternating current. The alternator needs mechanical input from the engine to be able to convert the energy to electricity. 

Fuel System 

The fuel system stores and supplies fuel to the alternator so that it can function. Generators have different fuel capacities which can provide electricity for many hours at a time based on the KVA of the generator. 

Lubrication System 

The lubrication system is responsible for creating a well lubricated environment for the various components of a generator system to function properly. Proper lubrication reduces wear and tear and maintains generator efficiency. 

Control Panel 

Quality control panels provide users with information on various parameters such as current, voltage and frequency. 

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