Things to Know When Buying Portable Generators for Sale

A portable generator is one of the most critical pieces of equipment you can own when preparing for blackouts and main grid failures. Even a small generator can power several appliances at once, such as TVs, power tools and refrigeration. But how can you ensure that you are making the right choice? What are the factors to consider before buying that portable generator for your home? The experts at Diesel Generation Australia are here to guide you.

Know Your Peak Wattage Needs 

To find out exactly how much total back up power you need, make a list of the appliances you use the most and check their owner manuals to determine their peak wattage. This will tell you how much power those appliances will need to run properly. Add all peak wattages of all appliances together to find out how much total power you need. Using a limited capacity generator to run a heavy load of appliances can result in inefficient power, potential safety issues and higher fuel costs.

What is an AVR? 

Well designed, modern generators are fitted with an automatic voltage regulator which is manufactured to maintain a smooth, consistent voltage under different loads. The AVR prevents voltage spikes and sudden surges of electricity which can permanently damage appliances in your home. 

Determining Run Time 

You need a generator which will provide you with comprehensive and safe power back up. But how long will your generator keep the lights on? Be aware that the run time displayed on a generator is an indication of how long it will run on a full tank of fuel, running at half its power output. The total run time of your generator, realistically, will depend on the fuel tank but also how you use the generator.

Are There Safety Features? 

Modern generator systems are designed for safety, so be sure to check that the generator has a low-oil shutoff which protects internal components, as well as quality outlet covers which protect plug ins from environmental wear and tear.  

High Quality 10 KVA Generators and 2 KVA Generators in Tasmania 

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