Checklist When Buying or Hiring Backup Generators

Whether you are purchasing or hiring a backup generator for your home or business, there are a few important factors you should consider, to help you make the right decision. Read on for an in depth guide by Diesel Generation Australia. 

Size of Generator 

Calculating your power output needs is the most important aspect to get right. The total power from all your appliances must not exceed the power of your generator. We recommend purchasing or hiring a generator with an output which is 5% to 10% higher than the total output you require. This ensures safety, fuel efficiency and allows you to add more appliances at short notice should the need arise. Your power output checklist should include the following: 

  • Total power required
  • The appropriate continuous load specification of the generator 
  • Number of appliances you need to run 
  • What is the generator run time you require? 

Diesel Generation Australia recommends consulting a backup generator expert to help you determine exactly how much power you require. 

Choose the Location

For large generator units, identifying the ideal location for installation is a critical step. Your generator location checklist should consider the following: 

  • That the location is compliant with Australian workplace standards and residential safety regulations. 
  • Easy access for maintenance 
  • Easy access to fuel source and other electrical wiring
  • Safety considerations such as distance from windows and in a location with adequate space on each side 

Concrete Pad for Commercial Spaces 

Large-scale commercial generators should always be installed on their own dedicated concrete pads. This step ensures that your investment is always located on higher ground in the event of flowing water and properly anchored in place to stand up to extreme weather conditions. 

What Type of Generator do You Need? 

The most common types of generators are: 

Diesel Generators

Cheap to run, easy to maintain, capable of powering large facilities. 

Petrol Generators

Low maintenance, lower carbon dioxide emissions and an ideal short-term solution.

Silent Generators

Ideal for environments where sound pollution is a concern. Good for outdoor events, hospitals and offices.

Trusted and Reliable Petrol Generators for Sale 

Contact Diesel Generation Australia today for end-to-end power backup solutions for large and small commercial and residential spaces in Tasmania. We also offer services and repairs and petrol generators for sale online.

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