What are the Pros and Cons of a Solar Generator?

Simply put, a solar generator is a system that generates electricity by converting solar power to electrical energy. A portable solar generator uses modern solar panels to take in the sun’s energy, converting that energy and then storing it in a battery for later use. Solar generators are ideal for camping trips, off main grid use and as a backup for homes in case of a power outage. Here, the experts at Diesel Generation Australia explain the pros and cons of using a solar generator for backup power.

Benefits of Solar Generators

Free Energy Source

Solar generators eliminate the need to purchase and store finite fuels like diesel and petrol to run the system. The energy of the sun, meanwhile, is free, infinite, and available anywhere you go in Australia.

Sustainable, Renewable Energy

Solar energy is clean, renewable and produces zero emissions. You can power your business or home with a clean conscience, knowing that your impact of the environment is kept to a bare minimum. In a world where climate change is a growing concern, sustainable ways to power homes and businesses are becoming increasingly important. Soon, institutions and even homes will be incentivised to opt for cleaner sources of energy as we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Low Maintenance and Low Noise 

Modern solar generators have fewer components than traditional generators, making them quiet and ideal for use in hospitals, homes with infants and offices. Fewer components also means that these systems are easy to maintain due to low wear and tear. 

Disadvantages of Solar Generators 

Higher Initial Investment 

While it is true that solar generators require a higher initial investment than fossil fuel generators, their lower operation and maintenance costs mean that they offer significant savings over time.

Longer Charging Time 

Solar generators require sunlight to charge, and it takes time to fully recharge the batteries.

Limited Power

The volume of power that a solar generator can provide depends on the size of the battery. Most solar generators are not equipped to handle large power requirements but are ideal for efficiently powering smaller appliances.

Modern, Reliable Hyundai Generator in Tasmania 

Diesel Generation Australia is a leading supplier of solar generators for small- and large-scale applications in commercial and residential locations. Contact our team today for in depth solar power advice or talk to us about renting or purchasing a high-end Hyundai generator.

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