10 Best Solar Powered Generators for Sustainability

As the world turns to cleaner, more renewable sources of energy to function, solar generators are experiencing a rise in popularity like never before. Read Diesel Generation Australia’s guide to the best solar powered generators for various applications. 

1. Suaoki Portable Solar Generator

The Suaoki solar generator’s lithium-ion battery is easily charged by a 100W solar panel, USB-C input or even a car plug. It is a 600W portable generator with a 322Wh capacity and weighs in at a minimal 7.2 pounds and offers 14 output ports. 

2. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Generator

The Goal Zero Yeti is a 150w portable solar generator with 168Wh power capacity, modified sine wave AC inverter and a lead acid battery. It can be charged using a wall plug, car outlet or solar panel and weighs only 12 pounds. 

3. Bluetti Ac200p 2000wh/2000w Portable Power Station

Bluetti’s Ac200p is a heavy duty 2000W power station with 2000Wh capacity, pure sine wave inverter, 17 output ports and a lead acid battery which can be charged with solar panels or a car plug, making it incredible versatile. 

4. Ecoflow Data 

The Ecoflow Data comes with an intelligent thermal management system for greater safety and a long battery life which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor commercial uses. 

5. Flashfish E300

Weighing in at a mere 6.6 pounds, the Flashfish E300 portable and easy to transport. It can charge up to 7 devices and provides a total capacity of 300Wh. 

6. Renogy Phoenix 200

The Renogy Phoenix 200 is a small generator which is tailor made for overnight outdoor trips. A lightweight unit which weighs only 4.6 pounds, the Phoenix is ideal for powering lights, phones, and laptops.

7. Jackery Explorer 500 Solar Portable Generator 

The Jackery Explorer is a powerful 500W unit with a 518Wh capacity and pure since wave inverter. It is quite light, weighing only 13.3 pounds and comes with a lithium battery which is easily charged with a solar panel or AC wall outlet. 

8. Point Zero Energy Titan 1000 solar briefcase generator kit

With 1,000 watts of solar panels and a battery capacity of 2,000 WH, this is one of the most powerful portable solar generators on the market. It also includes a built-in inverter and charge controller. The Titan solar generator system can be paired with more batteries if needed.

9. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium with Wi-Fi + Boulder 100 Briefcase Solar Kit

The Yeti 400 is the ideal residential solar power backup option with 10 outlets which can even power a refrigerator for well over a day. This solar generator comes with 1,425 WH of storage capacity and a 1400 lithium-ion battery. 

10. AllPowers Portable Power Station 300W

The AllPowers Portable solar generator takes 5-6 hours to recharge fully using an AC 110v wall socket or 5-6 hours under direct sunlight with a solar panel. 

Solar Generators for Commercial and Residential Use 

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