7 Tips for Maintaining and Servicing Portable Generators

At Diesel Generation Australia we believe that to get the most out of your investment, it is important to perform regular and thorough maintenance checks. Read on for tips from our experts on how to care for generators used to power air compressors and other heavy-duty appliances.

Run Your Generator Periodically 

Experts know that leaving a generator unused for long periods of time can cause problems with the components. For electrical systems to run properly, it is important to turn on your backup generator at least once every few months to ensure that the starter is working correctly and for the batteries to charge.

Check the Fuel Regularly

Diesel and petrol degrade over time and if your generator has not been used for months, chances are that the fuel could be stale. You can rectify this by adding a fuel stabilizer, emptying the tank once or twice a year or running the generator from time to time to make sure the fuel lines remain unobstructed, and that new fuel is ready for use when required. 

Inspect Fuel Lines 

No generator is completely safe from fuel line wear and tear. Cracks, tears and clogs can always occur in fuel lines, and it is advisable to replace damaged fuel lines if there is any doubt about their quality. 

Oil Changes are Important 

Always keep extra oil on hand so that you can replace the generator’s oil every 50 hours or so of use. Oil plays an important role in keeping the system lubricated, efficient and safe during operation. 

Clean the Air Filter 

Air filters are a critical component in a generator as they trap dust and debris before allowing air into the system. Most generators are placed outdoors which means that air filters work hard to keep out foreign particles which can hurt your generator.

Check Spark Plugs

Faulty spark plugs are often the culprit when a generator won’t start in an emergency. You can clean the spark plug with a wire brush but be careful not to damage the plug during cleaning. 

Use a Quality Extension Cord 

If your generator is placed far away from your location, a heavy-duty, high-quality extension cord is critical for smooth operation of your generator. A long, poor-quality cord means that your generator needs to work harder to send less power, making it inefficient as well as unsafe.

Generators for Air Compressors Tasmania

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