The Importance of Maintaining and Servicing Generators

A backup generator is the sort of equipment which exists in the background until it is required in an emergency. As a result, portable generators are often neglected, which can lead to your system functioning inefficiently or breaking down when you need it most. Read on to find out why maintaining and servicing your generator regularly will ensure that it can come to the rescue in an emergency. 

Better Emergency Preparedness 

A generator should be able to seamlessly handle the load of every important appliance during a power outage. By making sure that every component is properly taken care of, cleaned and that your fuel is regularly replaced, your generator will always be in perfect working condition. 

Increased Savings 

Portable generators are a small investment relative to the benefits they provide to a home or business. Poorly maintained generators, however, will lead to malfunctioning spark plugs, clogged air filters and damaged fuel lines, all of which require additional investment to repair. These costs can add up over time, making your generator system inefficient and costly. 

Improved Efficiency and Life Span 

To get the best out of your generator, be sure to perform preventive maintenance to identify blockages, dead batteries, and dust build-up before they become serious enough to affect your system. A well cared for generator will run efficiently and perform at its best throughout its lifetime. A poorly maintained generator could experience a serious malfunction when you need it most and may require a costly replacement. 

Prevent Fuel Problems

Whether it is diesel or petrol, is a known fact that fuel degrades over time. Degraded fuel can cause problems in fuel lines, cause the generator to run inefficiently and drastically increase fuel costs each time you need to empty and refill the tank. 

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