How to Service and Repair Your Existing Generator

At Diesel Generation Australia, our team is often called upon to repair and service generator units which have been neglected and require a complete overhaul. Allowing them to get in this state can be costly, unsafe and reduce the lifespan of a generator. To help you get the best out of your backup generator, we have created a handy guide which can be used to conduct service and repairs in a simple, effective way. 

Observe the Overall Condition of your Generator 

Begin with a visual inspection of your portable generator to spot corroded parts, malfunctioning buttons, or loose wires. The area around the generator should always be kept clean and all debris should be carefully removed. 

Check Distilled Water in the Battery

Distilled water plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the battery. Check with your generator manufacturer to find out how often the distilled water should be topped up. Refill the battery with distilled water only. 

Change Oil and Filters

Lubricating oil and oil filters should be replaced at least once a year if the generator is rarely used. Be sure to check the owner’s manual for the right kind of oil for your system and make a note of how often you are changing the oil to make sure it is always topped up. 

Clean Spark Plugs

A faulty spark plug can prevent an otherwise well-maintained system from functioning. Always replace spark plugs at least once a year or use a wire brush to carefully clean them without damaging the threads. 

Check Every Bolt

Some generators vibrate a lot during use which can lead to loosened bolts on the frame. The bolts on your generator should be tightened periodically and replaced if there is any doubt about their integrity.

Check Fuel

Clear the fuel lines and remove all fuel from the tank once a year if the generator is unused. We recommend adding a fuel stabilizer to the new fuel added to prevent diesel or petrol from degrading. 

Generator Location is Important

Generators come into contact with the elements constantly when they are stored outdoors. Always make sure that your generator is kept away from moisture, on a platform that keeps it away from potential flooding, and away from areas with dirt and debris. 

High-Capacity Generators for Hire in Tasmania 

Diesel Generation Australia specialises in maintaining and servicing all kinds of backup generators. Contact our team today for Tasmania-wide delivery, installation and regular maintenance of a hired Kubota generator or a Hyundai generator unit.

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