All About Cummins Generators and Spare Parts

Cummins are one of the most trustworthy brands on the market when it comes to quality diesel generators. Known for a compact and powerful design, a Cummins generator makes it easy to get the loading capacity you need while minimising the space you must sacrifice in your warehouse, home, or business. 

Diesel Generation Australia are proud suppliers of Cummins in Tasmania. If you’re looking at diesel generators for sale, here are some of the key benefits of choosing a Cummins. 

Fuel Efficiency

Cummins diesel generators are designed to achieve optimal fuel-efficiency to help minimise running costs, improve engine productivity, and help you get the highest possible return on your investment. Cummins achieves this using a superior fuel control system, high-pressure fuel injection, and top-of-the-line ESTC steps control.


The engine components and system of every Cummins generator is made using premium quality materials capable of withstanding high amounts of heat without cracking or melting. The generator cover is built using heavy duty metal that ensures all parts are well secured. This means a longer lifespan, minimal depreciation, and a durable enough machine to withstand damage even if something heavy falls on it.

Noise Reduction

Whether you’re a commercial building, an industrial park, or a residential property, minimal noise during operation is of utmost importance. Cummins generators are notoriously the quietest diesel generators available. For that reason, they are commonly used everywhere, from hospitals and schools to warehouses, sports stadiums, apartment complexes and more. 

Replace and Repair Parts with Ease

Cummins generators rarely malfunction. As they age, certain parts may need to be replaced. A replaceable wet cylinder liner makes it easy to achieve a long service life and easy maintenance. If you do need parts replaced or repaired, it’s essential to source the right parts from the manufacturer, to ensure continued efficiency and a long lifespan. It’s also important to hire an authorised, professional repairer like Diesel Generation Australia to carry out the work. 

Cummins Diesel Generators for Sale in Tasmania

At Diesel Generation Australia, we supply, install, and maintain a wide range of Cummins diesel generators Tasmania-wide. For help finding the right size, price, and power generator, get in touch with our team today.

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