Hyundai Power Generators: Power Solutions for Every Need

As a globally leading manufacturer of engines, Hyundai offers a variety of quality generators for different settings. From inverter generators for home use to large-scale petrol and diesel generators for commercial and industrial settings, you can find a solution for every need. Here are some of the benefits of hiring or purchasing a Hyundai generator, which Diesel Generation Australia proudly supplies across Tasmania.

Inverter Generators for Home Use

Hyundai generator solutions include compact inverter generators ideal for camping and power on the go, to meet recreational demands. These generators are portable and easy to move around, making them an ideal power source for outdoor camping, motorhomes, and small parties. High quality, pure sine wave electricity makes them ideal for safely powering delicate electronic devices, such as mobile phones and laptops. 

Open Frame Petrol Generators

Hyundai’s open frame petrol generators are rugged machines that come in a variety of sizes and outputs. These are designed for heavy duty work and are more than suitable for use on construction sites and industrial environments as well as for catering vans and daily-use equipment. 

The wheelbarrow frame with large wheels allows one person to easily transport these 85kg units. One standout feature of these petrol generators is the digital display panel, which provides essential performance information about the generator, including the voltage output, Hertz, and hour usage.

Backup Diesel Generators

Hyundai’s range of diesel generators provide reliable, efficient, long-term power backup for home or business use. From 6kVA generators all the way up to 125kVA generators, with single or three-phase options. 

Diesel generators under 10kW are ideal for most home or small business emergency backup or standby use. The huge power output of the 125kVA generator can easily power a family home with even the most demanding requirements. Estate owners can also use these generators to power one large or several smaller buildings at the same time. 

Automatic Transfer Switch

Larger Hyundai generators can also be fitted with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to guarantee round the clock protection from a power cut. An ATS system automatically detects a loss of power from the mains, turns on your generator and switches over to that as the main source of power. It then detects when power returns and switches back to mains. This peace of mind is priceless, especially for businesses where short disruptions and downtime can have a huge impact.

Need a Hyundai Generator in Tasmania?

Diesel Generation Australia supplies a range of petrol, diesel and solar generators by Hyundai and other leading brands across Tasmania. Contact our team today for more information or assistance finding the right generator for you. 

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