What’s the Difference with an Inverter Generator?

While a standard generator produces power from external sources, an inverter generator converts power from a fixed DC source into AC power. Both work well when you need reliable, portable power, but this technical difference offers pros and cons for different situations. Below, the team at Diesel Generation Australia look at how an inverter generator works and when they can be beneficial. 

Size, Weight, and Power

By converting DC power into AC power, an inverter generator produces the closest possible replica of power that you’d get from a power point at home. The trade-off is that the overall power output tends to be lower than standard petrol generators, which tend to be heavy-load devices with large capacities that use mechanical energy to produce electricity.

Inverter generators are much smaller and more compact, weighing up to 50% less. They are more often used for portable, low-power domestic applications, whereas standard petrol or diesel generators are better for large scale commercial or industrial applications. 

Cleaner Power

Inverter generators produce pure sine wave electricity in continuous smooth waves. This delivers ‘cleaner’ power that adjusts according to load, with minimal harmonic distortion. This makes inverter generators ideal for devices like mobile phones, LED televisions, audio equipment, and laptops. 

These new technologies tend to be more sensitive and require consistent, stable power to prevent overheating and overload. Many conventional petrol or diesel generators can cause malfunctions to occur when they are used to power these devices. 

Ideal Uses for Inverter Generators

Aside from these devices, inverter generators are popular for situations where power requirements are fairly low (e.g. compared to a full-size house) and where portability is important. For example:

  • Camping trips
  • Running caravan air conditioning
  • Power a mobile food or coffee business
  • Outdoor lighting for a garden party

Smaller 1000-watt portable generators are ideal for camping trips and outdoor parties, capable of running bar fridges, lights, mobile phones, laptops, and other small devices. 2000-to-3000-watt models are usually required for caravans when larger appliances like air conditioners, fridges and microwaves need to be powered.

Portable Generators for Sale in Tasmania

At Diesel Generation Australia, we supply and maintain a range of inverter generator models in different sizes and power outputs alongside a range of other diesel and petrol generators. For Tasmania-wide services, get in touch with our team today.

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