5 Maintenance Tips for Your Petrol Generators

Like any car engine, petrol generators require period servicing and maintenance to run efficiently and ensure a long service life. The team at Diesel Generation Australia have put together the following 5 simple maintenance tips to keep your generator functioning well for years to come.

1. Check Engine Oil

Ensure your petrol generator is always filled with clean oil. Even if your generator is used for a short time, you should still change the oil at least every 6 months. If you’re using it more regularly, change the oil every 100 hours or according to the schedule in the owner’s manual. Simply drain old oil, then place the generator on a level surface to fill up with fresh, clean oil again. 

2. Check Spark Plug and Air Filter

Inspect the spark plug and air filter approximately every 6 months or 100 hours of use and clean them with a soft wire brush if required. The manufacturer will again have recommended generator service intervals, but keep in mind how hard your generator works and the environment it operates in. If you’ve run it in a dusty outdoor area, it’s advisable to check, clean and/or replace these components more often.

3. Check Rubber and Plastic Components

Rubber or plastic seals are normally the first components to deteriorate in a generator and should be replaced periodically. Rubber and plastic can harden relatively easily when stored in a hot area. They then lose their malleability and ability to create an effective seal. Replacing these generator parts, however, is quite easy and inexpensive.

4. Run the Generator

Mechanical equipment that sits dormant for long periods collects dust, insects and other particles that cause wear and damage generator components. Avoid this and keep your generator exercised by running it every 30 days for a few minutes. This helps keep all its parts lubricated by circulating oil throughout the engine. 

5. Check Fuel

Fuel can go off after sitting in petrol generators for too long. A common sign is difficulty starting the generator. If you intend to run your generator for more than 30 days, it’s a good idea to drain the fuel from the tank and carburettor, and then run it until it’s empty to clear the fuel lines. 

Generator Service and Parts Replacement in Tasmania

Diesel Generation Australia provides generator servicing, maintenance, and breakdown response across Tasmania 7 days a week. We have a fully equipped workshop, service vehicle and an extensive library of spare generator parts from all the major brands. Contact our team today for an obligation-free quote.

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