6 Reasons Why Honda Generators are on Top

Since beginning operations in the 1940s, Honda has grown to become a familiar brand to people all over the world. But that’s not the only reason why Honda generators are so popular. Honda has a top reputation in the industry when it comes to generators.

Like their cars, Honda generators are highly esteemed for their performance, quality, and good design. At Diesel Generation Australia, you can get a Honda generator for sale or hire in Tasmania. Here are 6 reasons why a Honda generator can benefit you.

1. Reliability

Many people opt for a Honda generator due to their dependability and good running times. Whether you need a compact inverter generator for a weekend camping trip or large-scale diesel generators for power outages, Honda has a strong track record of supplying reliable, high-performance generators. 

2. Fuel Efficiency

Honda’s range of petrol and diesel generators are notorious for providing fuel efficient operation thanks to two unique features: Eco-throttle and Auto-throttle. This reduces the load on generator engines to make sure you’re only running the required load. This means less refuelling, fewer costs, and lower emissions.

3. Durability

Honda generators are built to last, with impressive longevity and a durable design that allows it to withstand regular use and in many cases damage from heavy items dropping on them.

4. Quiet Operation

Quiet operation is another highly valued feature in generators and one Honda excels in. Honda generators can be used at home, on work sites and in public spaces without loud rumbling noises that disturb other people or exceed noise restrictions. For example, the popular EU22i operates at only 52 dB (equivalent to a quiet conversation).

5. Easy to Get Parts

Honda produces an extensive range of genuine parts to make it easy to maintain the original operating specifications of your Honda generator. With genuine Honda parts, you can enjoy highest quality, precision engineered parts that help extend the already long life of your Honda generator.

6. Wide Range 

Honda generators are available in a variety of sizes, from the compact EU22i to the powerful EU70is. The latter has a 7000-watt maximum output, making it ideal for powering an entire home during a power outage or for use in a workshop or on a construction site.

Looking for a Honda Generator for Sale in Tasmania?

Diesel Generation Australia supplies a range of petrol and diesel generators by Honda and other leading brands across Tasmania. Contact our team today for more information or assistance finding the right generator for you.

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