Honda Generators: Safe, Efficient and Extremely Quiet

Honda generators have an excellent reputation and recognition in the industry as the gold standard. It’s why so many of our Tasmania-wide clientele enquire about a Honda generator for sale here at Diesel Generation Australia.

As the first company to bring an inverter generator to market, Honda are considered leaders in the space with some of the best generators in the world, in terms of performance as well as three other essential factors: safety, efficiency, and quiet operation.


A Honda generator features several unique safety features that give them an edge over other brands. This includes an onboard carbon monoxide detector that shuts the generator down if the concentration of this odourless, deadly gas gets too high. This can happen if the generator is running in or near an enclosed area. Keep in mind you should never run a generator indoors or even in your garage with the doors open.

GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) is another safety feature in Honda generators, allowing for fast power shut-off if there is an accidental stray of electric power to the ground. The GFCI feature shuts off the Honda generator in a 1/40th of a second in the event of accidents such as water damage or wire breakage.


When it comes to generators, fuel efficiency is one of the biggest factors driving most buyer purchase decisions. Honda generators have two unique features, Eco-throttle and Auto-throttle, that reduce the load on generator engines to ensure you’re only running the load you need.

Most generators must run at 3600 RPM to produce 120V of electricity. Honda generators don’t have to run at full capacity when you need less power. The Eco-Throttle system allows Honda generators to run at slower RPMs while making and maintaining the same power needed. This can reduce fuel consumption by 40 per cent, as well as lower exhaust emissions.

Quiet Operation

Honda generators are also well-known for their quiet operation. This is essential for anyone wanting to use a generator at home, on a work site, while camping, or at an outdoor event without the irritation of a loud, humming engine. Honda achieves this through precision builds. For example, Honda’s GX petrol generators feature:

  • Aluminium push rods that reduce valve clearance and noise level
  • Forged steel crankshaft and rigid crankcase
  • Helical cut gears
  • Reduced mechanical noise due to light weight, noise-reducing materials
  • Sophisticated air intake system
  • New enhancements to the muffler, breather valve and case cover reduce noise level

Meanwhile, the EU22i inverter generator operates at only 52 dB (equivalent to a quiet conversation) thanks to innovative sound dampening materials.

Honda Generator for Sale in Tasmania

Diesel Generation Australia supplies a range of petrol and diesel generators by Honda and other leading brands across Tasmania. Contact our team today for more information or assistance finding the right generator for you.

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