What Can 10 KVA Generators Carry?

10 kVA generators will power most small appliances and electrical equipment for domestic and commercial applications. Many customers at Diesel Generation Australia opt for this size when looking for a standby power option in the event of an outage. The amount of power you need depends on factors like usage, the number of people using power, and whether you need other features.

How Many Appliances Can I Run?

10 kVA single phase diesel generators, such as the Hyundai DHY12000XSEm-RS, are powerful enough for most homes and businesses. It can safely run 1 refrigerator, 1 microwave, 2 televisions, 1 kettle, 6 lights, 3 laptops, 2 air conditioners,1 monitor and 1 printer at once.

The appropriate generator size ultimately depends on the number and type of appliances that you plan to run. Here are some examples of appliance power usage for comparison:

  • Air conditioner: 1500-3500 watts
  • Clothes dryer: 4000 watts
  • Dishwasher: 2400 watts
  • Drill: 700 watts
  • Hairdryer: 1500 watts
  • Kettle: 2400 watts
  • LED light: 11 watts
  • Microwave: 700-1000 watts
  • Phone charger: 5 watts
  • Refrigerator: 50-100 watts
  • TV: 30-200 watts
  • Toaster: 1000 watts
  • Washing machine: 900 watts

As you can see, appliances like air conditioners, kettles, dishwashers, and clothes dryers consume a lot of power, while laptops, phone chargers, lights, and TVs consume very little. It’s a good idea to get a rough idea of what appliances you want to use with your generator before purchasing.

Converting Watts to kVA

Wondering how to figure out if 10 kVA petrol generators are powerful enough based on the running wattage of your appliances? To convert watts to kVA @ 0.8pf, simply divide watts by 0.8 for an approximate answer. For example, 2000 watts equals 2.5 kVA, while 4800 watts equals 6 kVA.

10 KVA Diesel and Petrol Generators in Tasmania

Diesel Generation Australia stocks a wide range of petrol, solar and diesel generators, from small portable generators up to large-scale backup generators from brands such as Hyundai, Cummins, Kubota, OzPower, Chicago Pneumatic, and Cummins. Whether for home, construction sites, commercial or farming, we’ll find the right generator for you, big or small. Enquire today for Tasmania-wide services.

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