Choose the Best Portable Generator for Home Backup, TAS

Diesel generators are a great way to store power in case of an emergency. A portable diesel generator is perfect for home use, as it has all the power it needs to keep your home up and running in case of an outage. However, there is a significant difference between an industrial generator and a small diesel generator. Diesel Generation AUS can tell you about our models and help you find the right generator for your home.

portable diesel generator

What goes into Choosing the Best Portable Generator for Home Use?

Before you decide on a generator, there are a few factors you should consider. Diesel generators come in a range of sizes and power usage depending on how you’re planning to use them. A small diesel generator, for example, is all that’s necessary for home use and will help to save you money. A portable diesel generator is convenient if you plan on moving it around frequently.

Safety Concerns


Storing your generator properly is important for safety. Make sure you have sufficient storage space, such as a shed or storage unit, for when the generator is not in use.


It is also important to use the smallest generator for your purposes; an industrial-sized generator would take up too much space in a residential setting.


Another important safety concern is ventilation. If your space is not properly ventilated, the diesel fumes could become dangerous.


You may also want to consider the noise level of the generator; frequent loud noise will disturb you, your family, and your neighbours. Try to find one with as low a noise level as possible.

Power Usage

Diesel generators come in a range of power outputs measured in kVA – a unit of power meaning kilovolt-ampere. Before you buy a generator, make sure you know how much power is required for your home. For domestic and home use, a small portable generator between 2 and 10 kVA should be all you need.

If you would like to know more about which model of diesel generator is best for your home backup power, get in touch with Diesel Generation AUS on 1300 755 292 or contact us online.

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