Use Light Towers Effectively on Your Tasmanian Work Site

When it comes to the use of a light tower on your construction site at night, health and safety regulations are, rightly, quite stringent. This is because workers need reliable lighting to see the machinery they are operating and the equipment they are handling. Here, Diesel Generation Australia outlines ways you can ensure safety on your work site with proper lighting. Contact us today for light towers and air compressors in Tasmania.

1. Ensure Suitable Light 

When using an LED light tower, ensure that an appropriate amount of light is being used. If not enough light is being used, then the worksite will not be adequately lit up. This means poor visibility, which could slow down progress. Conversely, excessive light consumes too much electricity and incurs excessive costs.

2. Position the Light Correctly 

It’s important to position the light correctly to ensure the safety of the staff. A flat surface is generally required to ensure that the light tower is stable and will not move around and cause accidents. Watch out for overhead obstructions such as tress and powerlines to prevent any accidents. 

3. Perform Regular Maintenance 

Finally, it’s important to undertake regular maintenance of your light towers and air compressors, as is the case with any other machinery you use. Ensure that the bulbs are operating at full brightness and if they are beginning to dim, replace them. As LED lamps do not need to be replaced as often as halide bulbs, LED light towers tend to be more efficient. 

If you’re looking for light towers and air compressors in Tasmania, look no further than Diesel Generation Australia. Contact us online today or call us on 1300 755 292 to discuss our variety of air compressors and light tower solutions to suit your needs. 

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