How Long Can a Generac Generator Run Continuously? TAS

The product line at Diesel Generation AUS contains a range of excellent brands, and the Generac generators are one of our most popular. We also supply Cummins, Kuboto, Hyundai and other brands of generators for sale and hire across Australia. Read on to learn more about our most popular generators, or contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to advise you.

cummins generator

Generac Generators

As one of the best models in the industry, Generac generators provide more reliable power and require less regular maintenance than competing brands. Their durable, powder-coated finished adds to the effectiveness of the weather-proof aluminium enclosure. This makes it resistant to corrosion caused by all types of weather, so you can feel confident using it in coastal areas.

Reliably producing clean power, these are the perfect backup generator for home use. Their diesel tanks contain between 250 to 1000 gallons of fuel, burning through around 2 to 3 gallons per hour with regular home use. Based on this, a 1000-gallon tank will last you 2 to 3 weeks non-stop.

Cummins Generator

Our Cummins generator models are another excellent choice for diesel power backups. They are designed to include all key components, such as engine, alternator, transfer switches and control systems. Each Cummins Generator is made from the highest quality parts to optimise the appliance’s performance, fuel efficiency and longevity.

Kuboto Generator

If you’re looking for a versatile generator ideal for home use, this Kuboto Generator is for you. It has a compact design and a low noise rating, making it ideal to use for appliances within the home. This low noise rate means it will blend seamlessly into the background. It also has an exceptional fuel economy, extending the period of time between refuelling.

Hyundai Generator

For a more cost-effective option, a Hyundai generator is a quality choice. With a low emission engines and 16 hours of runtime, these generators will save you on fuel costs while providing excellent power using diesel.

The Generac Generator is one of the top products supplied by Diesel Generation Australia. To learn more about Generac generators and other diesel generators, get in touch with us on 1300 755 292 or contact us online.

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