Light Towers in Tasmania: Everything You Need to Know

Light towers provide much needed illumination to a work site during night-time construction. In most cases, light towers come in the form of a mobile, self-contained unit with a telescopic tower that bears the light bulbs. In this blog, Diesel Generation Australia discusses the need for light towers on construction sites as well as the ideal type of light towers to hire. 

Safety Standards 

Most worksites are required to have at least one light tower onsite to meet safety standards. An LED light tower provides strong lighting that allows workers to continue working after the sun has set. This is especially advantageous in the winter months when the sun sets much earlier. Having light towers allows projects to finish on time as the construction team can continue working after dark. Diesel Generation Australia specialises in the supply of high-quality light towers and air compressors of all shapes and sizes. 

Halide Bulbs vs LED Bulbs 

The light bulbs are perhaps some of the most important components of the light tower. After all, they’re the ones that are providing the light to the worksite! Generally, LED lights do not need to be replaced as often, and they consume less electricity when compared to their alternative, halide bulbs. As a result, an LED light tower is usually more efficient and cost effective than light towers that use halide bulbs. 

Where to Purchase 

If you’re purchasing a light towers or air compressors, it’s important to buy from a reliable supplier to ensure longevity. Diesel Generation Australia has provided exceptional and unrivalled customer service for over 20 years selling diesel generators, petrol generators, light towers as well as air compressors. Buying from a trusted retailer ensures getting your money’s worth when it comes to buying a light tower.

If you’re looking to hire an LED light tower or air compressors in Tasmania, look no further than Diesel Generation Australia. Contact us online today or call us on 1300 755 292 to speak to a member of our friendly team about your light tower needs.

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