What Can You Run with A 2 kVA Diesel Generator Tasmania?

With all of the different options for models, sizes and power output, it can be overwhelming to know where to start looking at diesel generators. Depending on what purpose you need them for, you’ll need to research what specific models are right for you. If you only plan on using a generator to power household appliances, or as a backup power source for your home, you might be best off with a 2 kVA small diesel generator. Diesel Generation Australia has the best 2 kVA models for you to choose from in Tasmania.

small diesel generator

What is a kVA and What Does it Mean for My Generator?

A kVA is a unit used to measure apparent power, and it stands for kilovolt-amps. With each kilovolt being equivalent to 1,000 volts, you only need a small portable diesel generator to have a large kVA range. For home use, whether to power home appliances or as a backup for residential or domestic spaces, you should be looking at a small diesel generator between 2 and 10 kVA. This will give you all the power you need. A higher range is only really necessary for industrial sites.

What Appliances Can I Run on a 2 kVA Generator?

A 2 kVA generator is an excellent option for home power because of its compact size and convenient power outlets. As a small diesel generator, it’s the perfect size to fit into a home or even a caravan. Most 2 kVA generators can power a range of household appliances, including small and large appliances, radiant heaters and water pumps. A portable diesel generator is a versatile source of power that is invaluable in getting you through a power outage.

Which 2 kVA Generator is the Best?

Diesel Generation AUS has several great options. One example is our 2.2kVA Yanmar GYD2000E, which is ideal for land and construction work. Part of our heavy-duty portable generator range, this model is guaranteed to help you complete most jobs.

To browse our range of efficient 2 kVA generators, get in touch with DGA on 1300 755 292 or contact us online.

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