Understanding How a Generac Generator Works

Back-up generators provide uninterrupted power to your property during a power outageBackup generators work differently from portable generators, as you generally don’t need to manually turn them on. In the event of a power outage, the back-up generator automatically turns on to ensure uninterrupted power to your home. Generac is a company that provides high quality back-up generators for homes and businesses. Learn more about Generac generators in this blog by Diesel Generators Australia.

Components of Generac Generator 

There are several components to a Generac generator, including the engine, alternator, and automatic transfer switch (ATS). The ATS is contained within the generator, and it connects the generator to the property’s electrical panel. As soon as the power cuts out during an outage, the ATS automatically switches the property’s power source from utility power to generator power, seamlessly allowing all appliances to keep running with minimal interruptions.

How Long can a Generac Generator Run?

The run time of back-up generators often depends on the volume of fuel that is available. This is not exclusive to Generac generators, but also applies to other types as well. While they can run on LP fuel, these generators can also be connected to the property’s natural gas and can even run in low pressure natural gas areas, down to just 9cm of water column. A Generac generator can keep running as long as there is a continuous gas supply.

How Much Can They Power?

One of the best features of Generac generators is their ability to power as much as you need. In some cases, you may want your back-up generator to power your entire house or business. In other cases, you might want the backup generator to power only the main appliances to conserve energy. Both scenarios are plausible when it comes to Generac generators.

Diesel Generation Australia has supplied Tasmanians with a wide variety of generators for over 20 years. As well as the Generac generator, we also stock Cummins generator, Hyundai generator and Kuboto generator models. Call us today on 1300 755 292 to discuss having a back-up generator installed on your property.

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