What is the Best Honda Generator for Sale in Tasmania?

If you’ve never bought a diesel generator before, a Honda generator is a great place to start. With all of the competing brands out there, you could spend hours comparing different models to find the best one for your purposes. There’s no need to do that: Diesel Generation AUS in Tasmania stocks a wide range of Honda generators, and we’re here to help make the decision easy for you.

honda generator

The Honda Brand

Founded in 1946, Honda is a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles, automobiles and power equipment. They have made a name for themselves across the world as the most trustworthy brand in their industries.

It’s not just name recognition that earns them their reputation; Honda generators are known as being some of the best in the world. They save you money by being fuel-efficient and having a long lifespan, and their exceptional quality means you’ll spend less time, money and energy on repairs and maintenance.

At Diesel Generation Australia, we believe that a Honda generator is the perfect choice for a beginner, whether you need it for domestic or industrial purposes. Here, we explore two of our best examples of Honda diesel generators.

The 2.5kVA Honda GH2000 Model

The 2.5kVA Honda GH2000 Model has a small power output at 2.5 kVA, making it ideal for domestic or home use. As a part of the Honda Powered Heavy Duty Industrial Generators range, it provides enough power to keep your home or caravan going during a power outage. The generator is sturdy and stable, with heavy-duty anti-vibrational mounts and solid powder-coated frames to reduce damage. With low oil protection, overload protection, and a 3-year engine warranty, you’ll be using this generator for a long time.

The 14.5kVA Honda GH14000E-FBT Model

The heavy-duty 14.5kVA Honda GH14000E-FBT model is part of our world-renowned Honda GX engine series. With a power output of 14.5 kVA, this workhorse will power heavy appliances and industrial power tools. It comes with all of the benefits of the previously mentioned model and is an excellent choice for work sites such as roadside and construction projects.

To purchase one of our outstanding Honda generators, get in touch with the DGA team on 1300 755 292 or contact us online.

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