Is the 2kVA Generator Right for Users in Tasmania?

A portable diesel generator is an excellent addition to your camping gear, as it can provide power to many of your appliances and allows you to use them remotely. However, you may be curious as to how much a small diesel generator like a 2kVA generator can powerIn this guide, Diesel Generation Australia discusses what a 2 kVA generator can and can’t do so that you can decide if its right for you. Contact us today for durable and long-lasting diesel generators in Tasmania.

Powering Your Appliances 

When it comes to working out how much a generator can power, you first need to convert the kVA to watts, which is done by multiplying the kVA by 1000. Thus, a 2kVA generator is the equivalent of 2000 watts. A 2kVA generator provides enough energy to power small and medium appliances. This includes, for example, freezers, electric stoves, slow cookers and electric grills. 

Is 2kVA enough? 

If you’re trying to calculate if the 2kVA generator will be enough to power your appliance, you will need to determine the running power (the volume of power required to run the appliance) as well as the starting power (the volume of power required to start the appliance) of each appliance that you will be using. The total running power of all the appliances can then be added together to determine the total power required to run all appliances concurrently. 

Buying the Right Portable Diesel Generator

Using the 1 kVA = 1000 watts formula, you can calculate how much power you’ll need from a diesel generator to power your appliances. 

If you’re using a portable fridge (150W) and a fan (60W), the total power you need is 210W, or 0.21kVA. In this case, most small diesel generators will work for you. 

If, however, you’re using a kettle (2200W) and a caravan air conditioner unit (1000-2000W), the 2kVA small diesel generator will most likely not be enough to provide enough power.

If you need guidance on which portable diesel generator to buy, contact Diesel Generation Australia online or call us on 1300 755 292 to speak to a member of our team about your needs.

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