Standby Diesel Generator Service Guide – What to Check?

Standby generators, also known as back-up generators, are a handy addition to your home, giving you power to operate your appliances during an electricity outage. However, as is the case with any piece of machinery, generators need to be serviced routinely to ensure they operate properly when needed. Read on to learn more from Diesel Generation Australia. 

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Ignition, Spark Plugs and Alerts

As a general guide, every 6 months or 400 hours of operation, you should check the ignition and spark plugs. The generator should also be checked weekly to flag and remedy any automated alerts. 


Several checks should be undertaken to ensure the longevity of your generator. Firstly, in generators that have been unused for long periods of time, the battery can fail during the start up phase. This means that the generator will not start up during a power outage, defeating the whole purpose of having a standby generator. Ensure you regularly inspect the battery for leaks, build-up of contaminants and any general damage. If you need to replace any generator parts, contact Diesel Generation Australia


Diesel generators rely on several fluids including coolant, lubricating oil as well as fuel. To ensure that the generator will run smoothly when you need it, regularly check all these fluids and top them up when needed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you detect any leaks, it’s best to hire a professional to inspect your generator.

Regular Generator Servicing

The frequency of your standby diesel generators service will depend on the manufacturer as well as the frequency of your usage. Diesel Generation Australia offers servicing and maintenance across Tasmania. Book yours today!

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