The Most Common Generator Parts That Need Replacement

Generator repairs

Generators may be considered an essential part of an industrial plant or factory. In addition, many residences also rely upon them. However, as with all machines, damage and loss of prime functioning becomes an issue over time. These problems require either regular maintenance or parts to be replaced periodically. As the number one in Tasmania when it comes to generator parts and service, Diesel Generation Australia can advise on the options to suit you. We can also provide service at anytime, anywhere in Tasmania. The following is a short list of the most common generator parts for which we provide quality replacements.

Fuel Filters

The reason generators have fuel filters is to rid fuel of debris and impurities, thereby protecting your engine from anything other than clean fuel. If it becomes dirty and is not able to do its job properly, engine malfunction will often be the result. That is why it is necessary to replace your fuel filter regularly. We generally advise that a fuel filter should be replaced each year. It may need to be replaced more frequently if under heavy use. Ask us for advice on spare parts if you’re unsure.

Air Filters

An air filter is among the most important parts of a well-functioning generator. This makes sure the engine receives clean air continuously. Much like the fuel filter, the air filter is prone to becoming clogged with debris over time. The reduced airflow that results can seriously inhibit the machine’s ability to function properly. We recommend changing an air filter about every six months or so. Again, this may not be frequent enough if your generator is seeing quite heavy usage.

Spark Plugs

As with any engine, spark plugs will eventually become worn and need replacing. This is crucial in making sure the engine doesn’t fail or misfire. It is a good idea to check your spark plugs regularly and replace them every year. We recommend that they are replaced around the same time as your fuel filter.

Battery, Belts, Coolant and More

There are many other components of your generator which may get to the point where they need replacing. These include the battery, belts, coolant, oil filter and voltage regulator. If you’re ever unsure of whether the parts of your generator need replacing, there’s a good chance the answer is “yes”. Ask us for assistance.

Diesel Generators Service

Beyond replacement parts, we also offer servicing. Our generator maintenance service and breakdown response unit can reach you anywhere in Tasmania, seven days per week. Our service vehicle can reach you with spare parts of all major brands, coming directly from our fully-equipped workshop.

Do you need servicing for your diesel generator or parts? Diesel Generation Australia is Tasmania’s leader when it comes to generator service and parts. Get in touch with us today for fast delivery and the best possible price! Call us on 1300 755 292 or fill out our contact form to make an enquiry today!

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