The Benefits of Renting a Generator for Your Home or Business During Power Outages


Power outages are a common occurrence that can happen unexpectedly. There can be various causes from natural disasters and faulty equipment to scheduled maintenance by utility companies. The inconvenience and potential loss of revenue due to power outages can be significant for both homes and businesses. Renting a generator during power outages can provide a temporary power source that can help mitigate the effects of the outage. Diesel Generation Australia takes you through the benefits of renting a generator for your home or business during power outages.

Maintaining Regular Business Operations

For businesses, a power outage can result in a loss of revenue due to downtime. With a rental generator, companies can continue their operations, and critical equipment can remain operational, minimising the loss of income. For example, hospitals, data centres, and businesses that rely on refrigeration can experience significant losses without backup power. A rental generator can ensure critical equipment stays online during an outage, minimising the impact on the business.

Staying Safe

Power outages can result in unsafe conditions, especially during extreme weather conditions. A rental generator provides a safe and reliable power source, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries that can occur when using candles, portable heaters or other unsafe sources of heat and light.

Hiring as Opposed to Buying

Purchasing a generator can be an expensive investment. Too expensive for some to warrant. Hiring a generator is therefore a cost-effective alternative that provides a temporary power source without the long-term commitment. As rental generators come in various sizes and suit different applications, we can help determine the appropriate generator for your needs, thereby reducing the cost of fuel and maintenance.


Hiring a generator provides a convenient power source during an outage without the need to invest in purchasing and maintaining a generator. We can deliver the generator to you and take care of ongoing maintenance, saving you time and effort. Once the generator is no longer needed, we can arrange a time to come and pick it up.

You Can Relax with Peace of Mind

Text: Power outages can cause anxiety and stress at the best of times. This is especially so without a backup plan. Hiring a generator provides peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable power source during an outage. You can relax knowing that critical equipment will remain operational, minimising the impact of the outage on your business or home. Further peace of mind can be found in relying upon our generator service and other products, both for sale and hire. If you’re not sure whether your best option is to hire or buy a generator, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask your questions. We’re the experts and look forward to helping you.

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