The Importance of Maintaining Diesel Generators in TAS


The importance of regular diesel generator maintenance cannot be overstated especially for 2 KVA generators and the powerful 10 KVA generators. A diesel generator is a heavy-duty machine with components that experience wear and tear, leading to catastrophic failures when the generator is needed the most. Fortunately, the team at Diesel Generation Australia is always on hand to provide excellent maintenance services using genuine spare parts to help you get the most out of your diesel generator. Contact us today to learn how our generator servicing professionals prolong the life of your equipment.

Diesel Generator Maintenance

A diesel generator is made up of several different systems that work together to provide you with uninterrupted power. These systems include:

  • Internal lubrication system
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust system
  • Electrical system

A routine maintenance check will involve a thorough inspection of each of these systems. A generator technician will call upon their technical experience to perform a visual check of each system. This will help them spot leaks, cracks, rust and signs of damage that may have occurred during operation. 

Reduce Operating Costs

Leading diesel generator suppliers in Australia provide customers with reliable generator servicing options using genuine spare parts. Not only does a routine, preventative maintenance schedule prevent potentially expensive repairs further down the road, the use of genuine spare parts means that every component has a like-for-like replacement.

Over time, a poorly maintained generator is unable to supply power efficiently. To make up for the loss of efficiency, the generator must be run for longer periods of time causing it to use more fuel than before. A well-structured maintenance schedule allows users to stabilise generator costs and monitor changes in fuel consumption before they get out of hand.

Improve Performance and Longevity

Routine maintenance and servicing using high-quality genuine parts ensures that internal components are changed well-before they start deteriorating. Changing critical components before wear-and-tear compromises their ability to function is the most efficient way to guarantee consistent performance even during lengthy power failures.

Industrial Grade 10 KVA Generators and 2 KVA Generators, TAS

Diesel Generation Australia specialises in providing industrial clients across the country with durable, cost-effective and practical generator solutions. Whether you need a quick power backup option or a custom built generator unit for specific needs, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to keep your work site running. Contact us today for petrol, diesel and mobile generators.

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