A Buyer’s Guide to Diesel Generators For Sale, TAS


Whether you’re looking to power a small holiday cabin or an industrial site, choosing between the sheer number of diesel generators for sale can be a daunting task. While some customers may only require a compact, portable generator, others may need a large, custom built unit for industrial applications. At Diesel Generation Australia, we provide every customer with the exact product they need by understanding their needs before recommending solutions that take their present and future needs into account. In this blog, we offer tips on how to choose the right diesel generator for your needs. 

Why Buy a Diesel Generator?

Diesel generators provide a number of benefits that make them immensely popular with industrial clients:

  • Diesel provides more energy per litre than most other fuel types
  • Diesel is a fuel that is easily available, even in remote locations
  • Unlike other generators, diesel units are most efficient when used correctly over long periods of time
  • With proper storage and maintenance, a diesel generator provides flawless power for several years

Choosing the Right Diesel Generator

Determine Your Needs

Understanding how much power you need will help you determine the type of generator required. If you only need to run a number of household appliances, a small diesel generator or portable diesel generator is just what you need.

However, if you need sustained power backup on an industrial site, Diesel Generation Australia might recommend a powerful unit like the 44kVA Cummins Powered DGPL44C-3 that is designed for remote power, industrial backup, pumping and irrigation, and mining.

Consider Future Needs

Running costs are an important aspect of diesel generator usage. An 8.8kVA Kubota J108 for example might be the ideal unit for your current needs, but it may fall short when you want to grow your business. Running a generator at its full capacity at all times can lower efficiency, increase the chances of a breakdown and bring operations to a standstill. Diesel Generation Australia recommends buying or leasing a generator that can easily handle your current load with enough headroom for expanding business operations.

Ease of Transport

A heavy-duty diesel generator isn’t practical for every situation. If you need a powerful unit that can be moved around easily, we recommend a portable diesel generator like that low noise 3.9kVA Pramac P4500 with high-quality components. This unit is ideal for residential areas and is valued for its ease-of-use and maintenance.

Large and Small Diesel Generator Options in Australia

Looking for a custom diesel generator solution for commercial and residential spaces? Contact Diesel Generation Australia today for a wide range of portable diesel and petrol generators.

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