Quality Generators for Hire and Purchase in Australia


If you are in the market for generators in Australia, you may find yourself wondering whether it is better to buy or rent a unit. Choosing between a rental or purchase is all about understanding the advantages of each, and knowing the requirements you need to meet. In this blog, Diesel Generation Australia discusses the key benefits of generator rental services and investing in one of your own.

Advantage of Renting a Generator

The key advantages of renting a generator are:

  • Rental involves a significantly lower initial cost, making it ideal for customers with a limited budget.
  • Most generator rental companies are able to organise a generator even on short notice.
  • Maintenance and delays due to breakdown are minimal since rental companies provide customers with round the clock repair services as part of their offering. This means that a rented generator can be used even in high-demand areas such as construction and mining sites with minimal downtime.
  • Rental options provide customers with greater flexibility and ease of decision making. Do you need a larger generator than you first anticipated? Rental companies are prepared to replace your current rental with a larger unit at a moment’s notice.
  • Rental generators are set up to work with different configurations such as voltage selector switches, additional connection points and easy to use control panels.
  • A rental price often includes the cost of installation and removal.
  • The main advantage of a rented generator is that the customer only pays for the time of use. This means that a powerful, state-of-the-art generator can be used for concerts, weddings and other events.

Advantages Of Buying a Generator

The benefits of investing in a generator are:

  • The asset is owned directly by the customer and does not involve rental agreements.
  • Renting a generator for a long period of time can prove costly. In situations like these, purchasing a generator is more economical since it is owned by the customer and can be resold to recover a portion of the initial cost.
  • Owning a generator gives the user the option of hiring their own maintenance team.

Wide Range of Heavy-Duty Generators in Australia

Looking for a portable generator for a wedding or concert? Contact Diesel Generation Australia for a wide range of generator rental options with excellent customer service and maintenance.

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