Construction Site Light Towers & Air Compressors in Tasmania

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Although light towers and air compressors are used in a number of different settings, they play a particularly important role in the construction industry. An LED light tower makes a work site safer by illuminating it properly, while an air compressor is a versatile machine that is used to power tools and clean surfaces. In this blog, Diesel Generation Australia discusses just some of the reasons why an LED light tower and air compressor should be present on every site.

What is an LED Light Tower?


A light tower is a sturdy tower with large, powerful lights attached to the top. These systems are designed to illuminate large outdoor spaces and can be installed almost anywhere. Although they are primarily used for outdoor events, they play an important role in keeping a construction site safe.

Benefits of a Light Tower


A light tower illuminates a large area with a bright white light. This allows professionals to use powerful tools and machines with the visibility required to stay safe.


Not only does a light tower help workers see each other clearly, it also allows the community to identify construction projects from a distance. Light towers make it easier for the public to spot orange vests, cones and safety signs that often mark the boundaries of a construction site.

Reduce Vandalism and Theft


Security on a construction site is often difficult to guarantee. However, keeping a light tower on during off-hours is an excellent way to deter vandals and thieves.

Benefits of Air Compressors for Construction


Air compressors are highly valued on a construction site for the following reasons:

  • Air compressors are remarkably easy to maintain and only require routine oil and filter changes.
  • A single air compressor can power a range of heavy-duty construction tools, making it an excellent choice for remote worksites.
  • Air compressor tools are significantly safer than electric and gas powered tools.

Quality Lighting and Air Compression Equipment in AUS

Contact Diesel Generation Australia today for a wide range of industrial lighting towers and custom air compressor systems. We provide Australian construction sites with rental and purchase options for diesel generators, LED towers and electric air compressors.

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