Choosing the Right LED Light Tower & Air Compressors in AUS

LED Light Tower

Diesel Generation Australia is a trusted name in LED light tower solutions and air compressors in Tasmania. With the help of an innovative design team, heavy-duty materials and cutting edge technology, we ensure that every product is designed with high-performance in mind. Contact us today to speak to a team of dedicated industry professionals who provide a customer service experience that is second to none.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Lighting Towers

Light towers are convenient lighting solutions that are compact, easy to transport, and capable of illuminating work sites so that professionals can operate heavy machinery safely. Diesel Generation Australia’s LED light towers feature a sturdy vertical support for lights and a trailer base that is easy to move from one site to another.

Choosing the Right Light Tower

Diesel Generation Australia discusses the most important factors to consider when choosing a light tower.

Fuel Type

Although electric light towers are now a common sight, most contractors still prefer the convenience of light towers powered by independent diesel generators.

Lamp Type

Most light towers include either metal halide or LED lamps. Metal halide lamps are more economical but consume more power than LED lamps in the long run. LED lamps are cheaper to run, more reliable but involve a significantly higher up-front cost.

Choosing the Right Air Compressors in Tasmania

Consider the following factors before choosing an air compressor for your needs.

Power Source

Although gas-powered air compressors are portable, they are loud and emit fumes that could cause inconvenience. Electric air compressors are less noisy but are mostly suitable for small scale applications.

Voltage and Amp

Voltage and amperage are particularly important to consider when buying an electronic air compressor. For example, a large industrial air compressor may require you to install a three-phase electricity supply.

Tank Capacity

Tank size determines storage capacity, which in turn impacts the run time of the compressor, its portability and mobility. The advantage of a large air compressor is that it can hold air for much longer and allow you to use a range of air tools at the same time.

Industrial Grade Air Compressors in Australia

Contact Diesel Generation Australia today for unparalleled customer service, lighting tower maintenance and a wide range of air compressors for construction sites.

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