Eco-Friendly Generac Generator Systems in Australia

Eco-Friendly Generac Generator Systems

Generac is widely considered the first company to develop a cost-effective backup generator with a novel engine specially designed for long-term use. With decades of experience manufacturing world-class generator products, Generac offers a wide range of portable, residential and industrial-grade generators.

At Diesel Generation Australia, we are proud to present the 8kVA Generac G007047-1 Gas series that is optimised for Australian conditions and sets the standard for sustainable generators.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Generac has a long-term vision for environmentally friendly products and processes. Each product aims to consistently lower the environmental footprint while providing customers with cutting-edge energy solutions that are reliable and efficient. In everything we do, from strategic partnerships to manufacturing processes, Generac remains committed to using better materials and developing sustainable technology to strive towards a cleaner future. 

8kVA Generac G007047-1 Gas

The Generac 8kVA AVR Gas Standby Generator is a durable auto-start generator that is ideal for homes and small businesses.

It consistently delivers best-in-class power using a proprietary True Power™ Technology system. The remarkably low harmonic distortion is well-suited to sensitive electronics while the powerful G-Force Engine is purpose-built to withstand extreme conditions and long periods of use. Generac systems require less maintenance than other competing generators.

When it comes to ease of use, Generac consistently outshines other brands. It features a multilingual LCD display with colour-coded and backlit buttons that are simple to use even under dimly lit conditions.

The system’s weather-proof enclosure is protected by a powder coated finish that makes it truly resistant to corrosion even in coastal and windy areas.

Built for Australian Conditions

Generac systems are fully compliant with Australian standards and can be installed as close as 45cm from the exterior wall of a home or industrial space. With a remote monitoring system, easy to use connection points and fuel conversion options, these diesel generators are versatile and capable of providing high-performance in any setting.

Wide Range of Diesel and Petrol Generators for Sale

At Diesel Generation Australia, we remain committed to providing Australian homes and industries with the very best generator systems on the market. Whether you’re looking for petrol generators, innovative diesel power backups or solar powered generators, we’ve got what you need. Contact us today for generator systems that excel in the toughest commercial environments.

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