Unveiling the Potential of a 2 KVA Generator In AUS


If you’re looking for diesel generators for sale, one of the most versatile and reliable options is a 2 KVA generator. These generators are powerful enough to provide electrical power for most requirements such as camping, events or backup during sudden power cuts. In this blog, Diesel Generation Australia discusses the many benefits and applications of a 2KVA generator, and the reasons why we recommend it to many of our clients.

What Is a 2 KVA Generator?

“kVA” stands for “kilo volt-ampere”. This is a unit of electrical power described in its simplest terms and indicates that the 2kVA generator has the ability to deliver 2000 volt-amperes. In most circumstances, this amount of power is more than enough to run household appliances and devices. A 2kVA generator is therefore capable of supporting household needs as well as certain commercial requirements.

Benefits of a 2 KVA Generator

One of the most significant advantages of a 2kVA generator is that it is compact, lightweight and easy to transport. You can carry your diesel generator to a remote site, move it from one location to another where it is needed and even set it up in confined spaces. Most generators of this class feature convenient handles and wheels for movement and can be transported on any kind of vehicle.

2kVA generators are available in a number of fuel types such as petrol or diesel. Diesel generators are particularly popular because diesel is readily available and provides more energy per litre than other fossil fuels. With the efficiency of modern generators, even a small 2KVA diesel system can give you uninterrupted energy for several hours.

Where Can I Use a 2kVA Generator?

Small businesses benefit greatly from a generator of this size because it can power cash counters, card machines, food carts and even sound systems. This means that a 2kVA generator is an investment that directly drives revenue even in remote locations or during long power cuts that would otherwise bring a business to a stand still.

10 KVA Generators and 2KVA Diesel Generators for Sale

Diesel Generation Australia highly recommends our extensive range of 2kVA generators with overload protection mechanisms and short circuit protection. Contact us today for more information on compact, noiseless generators that can be installed in offices, schools and residential spaces.

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