Solar Generators Maintenance & Troubleshooting in Tasmania

solar backup generators

Diesel Generation Australia specialises in high-performance generators for commercial and residential applications, including solar backup generators. Based in Tasmania, our dedicated team offers engineering support and serves as your one-stop shop for 360 power solutions. Check out our helpful tips for solar generator maintenance and troubleshooting.

Routine Maintenance Tasks

Regular maintenance is one of the best practices for ensuring optimal performance and longevity with solar generators. This includes removing dust, dirt and debris several times a year at least and monitoring the machine’s performance over time. If your solar generator isn’t running as fast or powerfully as it once was, it’s worth looking into a professional maintenance check from your local experts.

Common Solar Generator Issues

Some of the most common problems with solar backup generators are simple fixes, while others may require repair or replacement. Insufficient sunlight is a pretty straightforward fix in most cases, as you just need to find a more suitable location and trim back trees or anything else that may be blocking the system. If the battery isn’t charging or the inverter doesn’t work correctly, you may need more thorough troubleshooting. The same goes for solar generators with overloaded system issues or faulty components.

Effective Troubleshooting Techniques

For the best performance and to extend your solar generator system’s lifespan, it’s important to follow proper troubleshooting techniques. You can start by checking the system connections to see if they are loose or corroded, which may affect electrical flow and battery charging. If issues are caught early enough, you can arrange for repairs. Otherwise, new and improved solar backup generators may be required. It’s also a good idea to check the maximum power output and individual components to see if they are causing issues or have a solar generator specialist help you.

Contact Tasmania’s Trusted Team for Solar Generators

If you need more assistance with maintaining and troubleshooting solar backup generators, Diesel Generation Australia would be happy to help. Our locally owned Tasmania business provides 24/7 emergency service, plus a range of tailored solar generator solutions to suit your needs. Check out all our solar backup generators or contact us online for specialised support from our friendly team of solar generator experts.

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