Top 5 Generators in Tasmania To Assist You This Fire Season

Kubota generator

With summer storms and fires becoming an annual problem for Australians to deal with, buying a generator to ensure uninterrupted power is more important than ever. Diesel Generation Australia specialises in helping customers identify the right kind of backup power for homes and businesses to minimise downtime and keep essential services running. Read on to learn more about the 5 best generators in Tasmania for fire season. 

7.2kVA Pramac S8000

The Pramac S8000 is a durable, high-quality generator with a powerful but efficient engine. It features an easy to fill fuel tank and is intended for intensive use in emergency situations. This generator has an intuitive control panel with plenty of accessories and options that allow you to tweak the unit to suit your requirements. If you’re looking for a power backup option that is easy to move, capable of handling the rigours of transport and heavy usage, this is the unit for you!

3.3kVA Pramac P3500io

The Pramac P3500io is tailor-made for urban use. This is an inverter generator unit specially made for people who want clean, stable energy for powering devices that are sensitive to voltage spikes. In a world that depends entirely on uninterrupted energy, this generator is a lifesaver for people who need to power household appliances, phones, laptops and more. The P3500io is a mainstay for campsites, construction sites, homes and professional work spaces.

11kVA Honda GH10000E-LRT

The world-famous Honda GH10000E-LRT features the very best aspects of Honda engineering. Designed for efficiency and versatility, this generator is easy to maintain, with parts available across the country. It is mounted on a heavy-duty anti-vibration frame, features reliable overload protection, a 3 year warranty and customisation options for those who need the unit to fulfill specialised requirements.

8kVA Kubota GL9000

With a run time of 8.5 hours at full capacity and a reputation for high-performance, the Kubota GL9000 might just be the perfect generator for every situation. This unit is popular with rental companies, food vans and other businesses who need reliable power for long periods of time.

Elite 9500 / 7000 Portable Generator

Briggs & Stratton generators feature a petrol powered electric start engine, water resistant outlets and a sturdy frame that is remarkably easy to move around on a job site. When you need serious power in a remote location, the Elite 9500 / 7000 Portable Generator is the generator for you.

Reliable Generators For Emergency Services

Getting through the fire season is much easier when you can rely on your power supply. At Diesel Generation Australia, we consider it a matter of pride to assist our customers with power backup systems and technical support to make sure they can survive anywhere with plenty of reliable power. Contact us online today for generators in Tasmania for homes and job sites.

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