Hyundai Generator Maintenance Tips From Experts In Tasmania

Hyundai Generator

Whether you’ve just bought one or have owned several Hyundai generators over the years, it’s important to know the best practices for care and maintenance of your machine. There are several dos and don’ts of generator care that aren’t common knowledge, and which we cover here. Read on for a brief rundown of some of the main points, some of which are covered in the Hyundai Generators Australia manuals.

Air Filter

The engine of a Hyundai generator relies on quality air supply to run efficiently. This means that the air filter in a generator one of the most important components. Proper maintenance of an air filter involves removing the cover, cleaning the filter with soft soapy water and lightly coating it with engine oil before re-installing. A dirty or clogged air filter negatively impacts the generator’s ability to supply power and results in costly wear and tear in a short period of time. 

Spark Plug Maintenance

To function properly, a spark plug must be free of carbon deposits, with a gap that is clean, correctly shaped and free of obstruction. If the spark plug cannot be restored with simple maintenance, consider replacing it with the appropriate plug as mentioned in the Hyundai generator manual.

Fuel Filter Maintenance

The fuel filter must always be kept in perfect working condition to prevent debris entering the fuel lines and damaging the engine. The fuel filter is usually found just inside the fuel tank opening. It is a cylinder that should be removed then cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Once the filter is properly cleaned and dried, it can be put back in place as long as it shows no signs of damage. 

Wide Range of Hyundai Generators in Tasmania

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