The Benefits of Light Tower Hire For Events In Tasmania

Light Tower Hire

A lighting tower is a powerful, efficient electric lamp attached to a sturdy, extendable structure. Light towers are designed to provide workers, festival goers and sports events with uninterrupted light that is comparable to daylight. DGA-RENT is a leading provider of light tower hire options. Contact our team now to find out more. 


No matter what the application, a light tower is the most effective way to light up an area to levels that match natural daylight. This enables even the most stringent health and safety regulations to be met. The power and sturdy construction of a light tower means that it can run for extensive periods of time without overheating or presenting a fire hazard. 

Easy to Set Up

Not everyone has access to people who are experts in setting up lighting. Thankfully, a light tower can be easily set up by someone who isn’t a qualified electrician. Light towers are designed for ease of use, and come with detailed instructions on how to set them up with zero problems.

Light tower hire is the most effective option for events and for job sites where quick light setups are critical to productivity, and where it’s not feasible to own a light tower outright. 

Easily to Transport 

A light tower is, first and foremost, a powerful and portable lighting solution. That’s why light towers are often used on construction sites where lights have to be set up on poor terrain. A light tower can be loaded into a ute, set up anywhere and moved at a moment’s notice. 


Light towers are often seen on building sites, but make no mistake, these powerful lighting units are an excellent option for anyone who needs uninterrupted and powerful lighting for a range of applications such as: 

  • Road maintenance 
  • Construction and repair of infrastructure 
  • Sporting events 
  • Music festivals 

Quiet Operation 

What make’s light towers truly unique is that they are extremely quiet during operation. This is an absolutely critical feature on construction sites where excessive noise levels can affect worker safety. More importantly, the silent operation of light towers means that they can be set up right next to emergency service providers and healthcare professionals without disturbing the vulnerable. 

Light Towers For Construction and Outdoor Events 

DGA-RENT is a supplier of high performance lighting towers. Contact us online today for expert advice on lighting your job site.

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