10 KVA Diesel Generators for Industrial Sites in Tasmania

10 KVA generator

Australian industries have a reputation for productivity, a high standard of work and quality that speaks for itself. Whether in the mining, agriculture or construction industry, Australians often need reliable power in remote places with challenging work conditions. With frequent power blackouts and unreliable power from the main grid, it’s no surprise that 10 KVA generators have become the backbone of many industrial sites. Power interruptions can severely affect productivity, compromise quality and even damage equipment. A 10 KVA generator from Diesel Generation Australia is an excellent source of backup power which can also drive industrial performance to new heights.

What is a 10 KVA generator?

10 KVA generators are heavy-duty power backup systems that provide 10,000 watts of power, making them ideal for large residential spaces and industrial applications. They are often used as a primary power source in remote locations.

Benefits of Using a 10 KVA Generator

10 kVA generator is a versatile and powerful energy solution that offers benefits such as: 


10 KVA generators are surprisingly easy to transport. The small, compact design makes them easy to move and set up almost anywhere. So, whether you’re working on a remote mining operation or a manufacturing unit, this generator will come in handy, anywhere in the country. 

Fuel Efficiency

Commercial and industrial units are always concerned about running costs, especially when it comes to energy. Modern 10 KVA generator manufacturers use the latest technology to create backup systems that prioritise fuel efficiency and cost significantly less to run. That means you can use a 10 kVA generator as a primary power source without letting fuel costs get out of hand. 


10 KVA generators are extremely reliable power backup systems that are manufactured with the needs of the modern user in mind. Although they are invaluable in an industrial setting, these units are also capable of running power tools, air conditioners and even heavy machinery. 

10 KVA Generator For Hire In Tasmania

Hiring or purchasing a 10 KVA generator is an excellent option for anyone who needs round the clock power for critical business and industrial operations. Contact Diesel Generation Australia today to choose from an excellent range of generators made by leading manufacturers.

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