Generator Service Checklist for Smooth Power in Tasmania

Generator Service Checklist

With a clear, detailed generator service and maintenance checklist, your cutting-edge power backup system will provide you with the reliable, uninterrupted power supply that you deserve. Diesel Generation Australia recommends dividing a maintenance checklist into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks for optimal performance from every generator component. Contact us to discuss taking care of your equipment.

Daily Maintenance Checklist

On a daily basis, do a visual inspection for:

  • Oil leaks
  • Warning lights that indicate a problem
  • Signs of damage from debris or pests

Warning lights and physical damage should be addressed immediately as they indicate that a critical malfunction could happen at any moment.

Weekly Maintenance Checks

A weekly inspection should be carried out to check for damage to the generator exterior. You should also check for possible signs of leaks and that fluids are at optimal levels. While running the generator, check the muffler and exhaust system, look for signs of overheating and examine the frame during operation. Any signs of smoke, excessive vibration or buzzing sounds should be addressed immediately.

Monthly Maintenance Checks

The most important monthly maintenance checks should be focused on the battery and coolant. Oil and coolant levels are critical to proper function. Check the unit for leaks and ensure that the coolant concentration is correct. Using a soft brush, remove dirt, debris and corrosion from battery cables and ports, and consider replacing the oil when due for a service.

Annual Maintenance Check

The importance of a comprehensive annual generator service cannot be overstated. The best way to make sure a generator operates at the highest level is to bring in experienced professionals who can check every component and make personalised recommendations based on your business operations. 

An annual maintenance check should include: 

  • Inspecting and changing oil filters and oil levels
  • Checking air filters and intake systems
  • Inspecting electrical components and wiring
  • A comprehensive load bank test
  • A detailed function test
  • Cleaning the generator

Trusted Generator Service Professionals in Tasmania 

Whether you’ve purchased a new generator or want to improve the performance of your current unit, a detailed and regular maintenance checklist is absolutely crucial. Contact Diesel Generation Australia today to speak to our team of experienced generator service and repair professionals.

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