Cube+ Hybrid LED Lighting Tower

CUBE+ Hybrid Lighting Tower

The Cube+ Hybrid is compact, has excellent fuel consumption and offers more than 8 hours of continuous operation without carbon emissions, making it an ideal solution for lighting large events.

The Cube+ Hybrid utilises stored energy from a special pack of dry batteries, allowing it to operate continuously without carbon emissions, fuel consumption or noise. These dry batteries can be recharged in less than 5 hours and have a 100% guaranteed charge / discharge cycle of more than 4000 hours. The batteries can be charged from either external shore power or from the built-in backup generator.

The Cube+ Hybrid Lighting Tower is equipped with an MPnano Digital controller, which manages every function of the lighting tower, including the ability to automatically start and stop the generator as needed, which allows for continuous operation.

The Cube+ Hybrid has a tough bolted frame which offers reliability and resistance to wear and rust. It has five doors including a compass-top door for ease of maintenance. Its locking system provides peace of mind as once locked, it is impossible to change position or move stabilisers.

It offers 4×150 watt Generac LED floodlights.

Additional inclusions:

  • Darkness sensor
  • Digital timer
  • Earth picket with 5m cable
  • Plastic documents box

Freight charges vary depending on your location. Please contact DGA for a quote for shipping.



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