Kubota Z602

Kubota Z602


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Cylinders 2
 Bore x Stroke 72 mm X 73.6 mm
Displacement 0.599 L
Combustion / Intake System E-TVCS,NA
Cooling System Liquid – Cooled
Starter 12-1.0 V-kW
OutputGross Intermittent3600 rpmkW/HP/PS12.5/16.8/17.0
3200 rpmkW/HP/PS10.8/14.5/14.7
Net Intermittent3600 rpmkW/HP/PS11.6/15.5/15.8
3200 rpmkW/HP/PS10.3/13.8/14.0
Net Continuous3600 rpmkW/HP/PS10.1/13.5/13.7
3200 rpmkW/HP/PS8.8/11.8/12.0
DimensionsLength384.6 mm
Width404 mm
Height544.1 mm
Dry Weight60 kg



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