VT-EVO Y Generac LED Lighting Tower

VT-Evo Lighting Tower

The lighting power of 4x320W LED floodlights meets a very narrow canopy design evolving the new VT-Evo into the most compact and eco-friendly lighting tower ever created! VT-Evo will help you to skimp up to 75% of fuel and protect our environment with a reduction in carbon emissions. The machine can run continuously without refuelling up to 200 hours.

Generac LED lamps

4x320W high efficiency LED floodlights designed by Generac Mobile®. Granted life expectation: 35,000 working hours!

Compact shape

Up to 25 units can be loaded on a single truck, 10 units on a 20” container and 22 units on a 40”. A perfect solution to save transport costs!

Liquid containment tank

A liquid containment tank to avoid any risk of leakages on the ground.

Environmentally friendly model

Protect the environment with VT-Evo: reduced CO2 emission up to 10 ton per year compared to a traditional lighting tower!

Freight charges vary depending on your location. Please contact DGA for a quote for shipping.




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