VT-HYBRID Generac LED Lighting Tower

VT-HYBRID Generac LED Lighting Tower


PDF Spec Sheet

VT-Hybrid Light Tower

The VT-Hybrid light tower is the first hybrid light tower in the world. It is equipped with 4x150W high efficiency LED floodlights powered by a rechargeable battery pack. This light tower guarantees great reliability and perfect sustainability.

The VT-Hybrid is equipped by a MPnano digital controller studied to manage every function of the hybrid system.

LED lamps 4 x 150W high efficiency LED floodlights designed by Generac Tower Light.

When the VT-Hybrid is powered through the battery pack, it is completely silent and doesn’t emit carbon dioxide (CO2). An ideal solution for events and working areas with low noise or CO2 emission requirements.

VT-Hybrid can run more than 660 hours without refueling.


  • Straight tow bar – road trailer (type A) D.50
  • Ball hitch type
  • Documents for road registration
  • Additional spare tire with support
  • AMOSS Kit (no tower erection with hand brake down)
  • Darkness sensor
  • Digital timer
  • Earth picket with 5m cable
  • Plastic box for documents

Freight charges vary depending on your location. Please contact DGA for a quote for shipping.




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